About us

KLOSHAR BAGS is a street fashion brand, born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2014. The brand is focused on creating bespoke luxury bags with vinyl records in their hearts, which is the main part of them. Kloshar Bags are personally handcrafted, using a top quality materials, by the main designer and co-founder, who creating for you empowering sense of individuality.

“Our idea is not only to create a new fashion, but also to revive the street and the vinyl culture.As big fans of the vinyl, our team begins to develop the idea of keeping the vinyl records completely authentic and usable. Our mission is to look into your imagination and to create “the bag of your vibes “."

Enjoy the adventure in Kloshar`s world!..

The Classic O BAG by KLOSHAR BAGS | Carbon eco leather & KLOSHAR pattern in green

Hyperlapse of a O BAG